Guide: How to Clean Gold Chain at Home?

4 Easy Hacks: How to Clean Gold Chain at Home? Step by Step GuideIs your gold chain is looking dull and less shiny? Don’t wonder. If your gold chain is looking rough and has lost its luster all it needs is a deep radical cleaning to enhance and make it look brand new again! Gold chains are of course a well introduce accessory ever know. Gold chains are easy, comfortable, and look fabulous. They beautify looks and transform the sense of styling and one of the most common feature, they are more worn casually. The gold chain is light weighted and flexible item to carry. But yet many of us have the most very complain about the chain is that it loses its shine and spark as time goes. Know How to Clean Gold Chain at Home.


Why gold chain loses its actual shine?

This query is basic among gold chain keepers that their gold chain turns black and dull after few months of use and looks weird rather beautifying looks. What exactly happens with your gold is-

A gold chain is a regular yet soft accessory. Gold chains need absolute and frequent care. What happens that the regular use of the gold chain full its outer layer with dust and pollution. Your chain also comes into reaction with your sweat and starts looking dull. It also happens by body oils, lotions, and other products that you apply to your body.  Dirt slowly covers the inter outer surface of your gold chain and become rigid. This thick layer of these pollute establishment makes your gold chain more dull, dark, and less beautiful.

What to do then?

Don’t worry! Making gold dirty is as easy as to clean it but you know the right tricks and solutions. I would recommend you to pack your gold in a zipper-lock bag or wash it like your hands frequently. Remember gold is frail matter be careful and gentle.

Here are some cool ways to bring your dream gold back into its real shining-


Try Soap and Water-

The easiest and popular way that hits on the mind when it comes to clean anything “the soap and water.” This method is easy effective and working.

4 Easy Hacks: How to Clean Gold Chain at Home? Step by Step GuideHere what you need to do-

  • Take a light skin-friendly soap and pour it into half-filled Lukewarm water gently.
  • Now mix the soap well into the water.
  • Soak your gold chain in this water for 20-30 minutes.
  • Next, take it out from the water and rub gradually with the help of a soft towel or any soft cotton piece of cloth.
  • If you do not feel that the gold chain is not in this same shine put it back into the soap water and clean it.

Once after many attempts, when you find the real shine of gold chain has been back dried it gently in the open air. Later you can also use a Jewelry polishing cloth or just a soft cloth to rub the chain. This will enhance its shinning.

Note- Avoid harsh chemical soap and high-temperature water because these will internally damage your gold properties.


Try Ammonia-

After the above method if you feel your gold chain still not as bright and shiny as it was. Don’t get disappointed. Try the ammonia method but make sure you sue this trick after a few days of the previous treatment. Also, remember that ammonia is only friendly with plain gold chains.

4 Easy Hacks: How to Clean Gold Chain at Home? Step by Step GuideHere is how ammonia does magic-

  • Take a bowl or glass.
  • Mix one part of ammonia with 6 or 7 parts of water in it.
  • Mix it well with the help of stirrer and make an excellent mixture. (Don’t put naked hands.)
  • Put your gold chain in this mixture just for few seconds. Here mind the clock.
  • After a few seconds, Take the chain out with the help of stirrer and rinse it under floating water.
  • Now clean the chain with the help of a towel or a jewelry polishing cloth.
  • You can also air-dry your gold chain.
  • If you don’t see any visible changes, repeat the same process but still, you need to put chain for seconds into the mixture.

Note  Ammonia is a harsh liquid. So make sure you don’t use treatment frequently to clean your sensitive jewelry. Ammonia might melt your gold inside the liquid and harm your gold chain’s properties. This will cause a reduction in worth and qualities.

Also, remember that only the pain gold chain can be washed in ammonia liquid. If your gold chain is with platinum, pearls or gemstones strictly avoid ammonia treatment.


Try Boiling Water-

Another most convenient and straightforward way to cleaning your gold chain is to use “the boiling water treatment.” Boil water simply removes pollutants like oils, wax, and dirt from your gold chain. Besides, using boil water for cleaning is not harmful 4 Easy Hacks: How to Clean Gold Chain at Home? Step by Step Guidebecause gold is a solid material. Gold can be clean in boil water without harming its inner and outer properties.

To clean the gold chain with boil water simply apply to follow these simple steps below

  • Boil water in a container.
  • Put your gold chain in any other glass or metal container. (avoid plastic containers.)
  • Now put this into boil water carefully.
  • Cover boil water for few minutes and let your gold chain rest into is for 15-20 minutes.
  • Later take out the gold chain from the container and gently clean it with the help of a towel or a polishing cloth. You can also air dry it.

Note– Avoid highly boiled water. Avoid plastic containers. Don’t rub yours too harshly.


Try Toothpaste – How to Clean Gold Chain at Home?

4 Easy Hacks: How to Clean Gold Chain at Home? Step by Step GuideAn optional and quick way to clean your gold chain is to use toothpaste on it. Using toothpaste can work and easily give positive results. Toothpaste has a whiting substance that helps amazingly. To use toothpaste as a cleaner follow these simple steps-

  • Simply mix the toothpaste in water and make a thick paste.
  • Now rub your gold chain gently with a piece of soft cloth or better use a soft old toothbrush to do this.
  • After rubbing it thoroughly, carefully rinse into running water and until the toothpaste is removed.
  • Now clean the gold chain with the help of a clean towel or polishing cloth.


Risks to Avoid When Cleaning Gold Chain-

As it is clear now that gold is a sensitive and soft accessory, it needs special care. However, the items described above are needed to be well-identified before using. Here are some specific substance to avoid when you about to clean your gold chain-

Harsh Soap – Soap is an easy substance but only when you using it wisely. Harsh soap with the chemical can damage your gold chain rather than cleaning it. Make sure you use mild and skin-friendly soaps to do gold chain cleaning treatment. You can also use liquid soap and dishwasher.

Chlorine – Chlorine kills gold. Do not use it ever on your gold. Chorine can cause permanent harm to your gold. Chlorine can discolor your gold and its natural properties. Avoid it.

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