Guide: How to Choose a Diamond in Low Budget?

Guide: How to Choose a Diamond in Low Budget?

If you plan to walk into a Diamond Store, talking about how you know all about the 4 Cs of Diamonds (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat), you will spend too much Money. The Salesman makes a commission on what you buy. He won’t ask you, “are man-made diamonds cheaper?” He wants you to spend as much as possible. – Guide: How to Choose a Diamond in Low Budget?


The Jewelry Store Is Not Your Friend:
First, remember the salesman is not there to help you. He is there to get you to spend money. All Jewelry Stores make a grading report available. The information is supposed to tell you how nice the Ring is. The Store, however, is only going to show you the most expensive Rings.


Cut over Carat:
The Cut is the most important thing for Diamonds. A Diamond’s Beauty is all in how light filters through it. The Cut determines reflection, and Jewelry Stores are more interested in the Carat. The carat is the weight of the Stone. The higher the Carat, the more you spend. The idea is to find a Diamond with an excellent Cut and a lower Carat. How can you find one?


Buy an Ideal-scope
The lighting in a Jewelry Store has one purpose. It makes every Diamond shine. Most of those Diamonds have low Cuts. The Stores cut Diamonds for Carats. Once you leave the Store, your Ring will not be as shiny. What can you do? Buy an Ideal-scope! For about $50.00, this lets you look at the Diamond’s cut without the Bright Light. Jewelry Stores never have one on hand because it is so useful. Under an Ideal-scope, it is clear which Diamond has a Better Cut.


What if I Buy Online?
Buying a Diamond online can be even worse. Now you don’t get to see it either. Most of the time, The Online Store is working from a list. The Diamond cutters provide the list, which also wants you to spend a lot of Money. It is better to go to a Store. At least then, you can use your Ideal-scope to see what you are buying.


What if I want an unusual shape?
I strongly advise you to find an expert you trust if you want a Diamond of an unusual shape. Most Stores only keep a small inventory of these Diamonds. Even with an Ideal-scope, they are hard to tell apart.


Put it on Your Finger
Even if it has Good Carat and Cut, it may be too big for your hand. Trying the Ring out on your hand will ensure that the Ring is the right size for you.


Watch the Tenth
When it comes to Diamonds, The Price increases as the tenths place increases. To spend less, find a Diamond you like and buy it a tenth or two tenths smaller. It will save you money, and you’ll hardly be able to tell.

In the end, don’t trust the salesman, use an Ideal-scope, and buy wisely, and you should end up with your perfect Diamond.

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