3mm ethiopian opal round cut
3mm Natural Ethiopian Opal Faceted Round Gemstone
4mm rainbow moonstone round
4mm Natural Rainbow Moonstone Smooth Round Cabochon $2.00$170.00

6mm Natural Amethyst Faceted Round Cut Gemstone

Gemstone: Amethyst
Treatment: Natural
Size: 6mm
Shape: Round Gemstone
Type: Faceted
Quality Grade: AAA (excellent)

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“When you are a stone in the kingdom of the mineral and the Healer to the life crystal, You are Amethyst” – 6mm Amethyst Round Cut

You call it a month filled with love, hope or a dark burped month ever created but the Amethyst is the Healer to it and make it’s days a positive choice in life.

Amethyst is the love controller, money controller because it’s not you who have little, but it is you who craves for more, it might take you wherever you want, but won’t replace you as a driver. Sometimes the shortest routes and months feel long, but the Amethyst is the guide to your innocent journey like a violet.

A Gemstone that represents Saturn and also called a “Jamunia” which is also a symbol of “Justice” and “Humanity”, Yes, Amethyst is the name of this Semi-Precious Stone.

The stone can be worn in the middle finger of the right hand. Now you got to make the array of rings or pendants in silver for that.

When you have a trust, you have the back, and the stone is supposed to protect its owner from drunkenness as believed by Greeks.

You got stress, anxiety, meditation sickness, fear, and grief… keep calm and say brahmasmi with Violet Amethyst in your life to give you and your mind a calmness.

When we talk about who can wear it, then the stone is divine and do good to everyone as we are in the contact of different energies daily. A sedative energy Gemstone which gives out peaceful power, warmth, and comfort.

You think of having senses extraordinary than usual sense where your extrasensory perception works more. You are thinking of Psychic power where you can perceive hidden information and Amethyst will make you enhance that.


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