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10x12mm ethiopian opal oval cut
10x12mm Natural Ethiopian Opal Oval Faceted Cut Gemstone
5x3mm peridot oval cut
5x3mm Natural Peridot Faceted Oval Cut Gemstone

5x4mm Natural Peridot Faceted Oval Cut Gemstone

Gemstone: Peridot
Treatment: Natural
Size: 5x4mm
Shape: Oval Cut
Type: Faceted
Quality Grade: AAA (excellent)


Shop – 5x4mm Peridot Oval Cut

Peridot called as an evening emerald for its light green color stocks positive energy, essential for those experiencing traumatic emotional circumstances as well as suitable for prosperity and happiness. A stone which symbolized strength as a healing perspective is also known for its high vibrational Heart Chakra crystal property – 5x4mm Peridot Oval Cut

Even the bible says about its healing – Peridot, worn in a frame of gold, was assumed to disperse “The Terrors” of the night and is used as a safeguard against evil spirits and even hunt them off.

Hey! You like wearing necklace with a gorgeous Gemstone. But also you who are afraid of getting negative emotions then Peridot when in necklace Heals it. When the life situations are giving you a setback, you want to move on and trust, but you can’t value then, Peridot is said to help people in understanding relationships and their importance.

The stone is related to peace, love and probity, it infuses a sense of integrity in souls and initiates them think reasonably. When amulets are worn with Peridots, your asthma and sinus get peaceful healing.

Sometimes we often take ourselves in the path of negative thinking, fear, depression and jealousy where we end up fusing with our life and relations.  The power of Peridot is so vibrant that it flashes them out and makes your thought more calm and cheerful. A stone known for its love and to foster love brings out openness in mind, relaxation and gratify healthy relationship value in the life of people.


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