6mm golden rutile round
6mm Natural Golden Rutile Smooth Round Cabochon $3.00$255.00
5mm pink opal round
5mm Natural Pink Opal Smooth Round Cabochon $1.30$110.50

6mm Natural Pink Opal Smooth Round Cabochon

Gemstone: Pink Opal
Treatment: Natural
Size: 6mm
Shape: Round Cabochon
Type: Smooth
Quality Grade: AAA (excellent)

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Pink Opal is a Natural, Pink-Colored Gem-variety of the Common Opal which is constructed of Opal, Palygorskite, and Chalcedony. This Opal is the hydrous form of silicon dioxide known as a mood-lifting Stone. This Stone reflects the phenomenon of “Play of Color” – 6mm Pink Opal Round

This Stone’s quality is having spaces between the veins of this Crystal and also spaces between the planes and the course of the plane with respect to the incident light that determines the colors observed. The visible Light of the diffracted rays is not able to pass through the thickness of the Opal.

With its unmatched Beauty and great Powers, ranging from healing to strengthening bonds, Pink Opal is the perfect Gemstone for you. Not only is it a Beauty to behold but also, a map for your success.

You can gift this Perfect Gem to the Gems in your Life, your partner or your best friends on their special day to remind them of your Love.

Pink Opal is vivacious, elevating and joy-bringing Stone. This Gemstone helps to bring up the fluffiness and Lovability back into Life which has been not there for long. It is more useful to use in times of stress. The Pink Opal helps you to get rid of emotional hang-ups and to free your feelings from humiliation, culpability, and embarrassment.


Weight20 g
No. of Pieces

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