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5mm green garnet round cut
5mm Natural Green Garnet Faceted Round Gemstone
6mm green garnet round cut
6mm Natural Green Garnet Faceted Round Gemstone

2mm Natural Pyrite Faceted Round Gemstone

Gemstone: Pyrite
Treatment: Natural
Size: 2mm
Shape: Round Gemstone
Type: Faceted
Quality Grade: AAA (excellent)

Price Range: US$ 0.59-0.93 per Piece


Shop – 2mm Pyrite Round Cut

Pyrite is strongly believed that it enhances strength and mind power. It would do when found in the lap of Mother Nature’s Earth constituting of goodness of various resources – 2mm Pyrite Round Cut

Now not just that but it also saves from pollutants which is widely present over here because it contains oxides, iron properties, gold luster that protects the wearer. Hence keeping them strong enough to bear the hazardous pollutes and yet staying healthy.

It is believed that the one, who wears it on skin, feels much positivity and gratitude towards life. Remember “gratitude can reshape common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into happiness, and change normal opportunities into blessings.”

It gives you self-confidence when you wear this warrior stone.

When you sit with this Pyrite stone, it will start purifying your surroundings and when this happens, you automatically feel so light and free of stress. It adds to your life.

These stones carry away self-limiting believes and negative thoughts about yourself with every exhale and inhale. Slowly you get to believe yourself that you can achieve it no matter what.

For us, it may be just a stone, but these are just stones that contain the blessings of mother earth that protects you like no one else. Stones may not move, talk, cry or hear as per humans but these do balance our planet.

We rise from the earth, we live on earth, we die on earth and hence, in the end, we go into the earth.


Weight20 g
Price Range

US$ 0.59-0.93 per Piece


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