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2mm sunstone round cut
2mm Natural Sunstone Faceted Round Gemstone
3mm carnelian round cut
3mm Natural Carnelian Faceted Round Gemstone $0.63

2mm Natural Carnelian Faceted Round Gemstone

Gemstone: Carnelian
Treatment: Natural
Size: 2mm
Shape: Round Gemstone
Type: Faceted
Quality Grade: AAA (excellent)

Price Range: US$ 0.59-0.93 per Piece


Shop – 2mm Carnelian Round Cut

Being the Crystal of action, it alleviates procrastination and encourages one to pursue and achieve their goals by stimulating courage and embracing any hurdles that may come in their way – 2mm Carnelian Round Cut

Different shades of this Gem have different significance. Orange Carnelian is a stone of physical pleasure and intimacy. It brings joy and happiness among friends and family. It is also used in meditations as it elevates relaxation.

Red is the color of passion and fierceness. Red carnelian boosts self-confidence and brings back lost passion for living.

Scarlet Carnelian is the key to strengthening relationships with family and friends. It leads you to victory by overcoming your deep-lying fears and improving self-reliance.

This Gemstone is what you need when the warm sun rays of good days get clouded by dark times when your fears and hurdles come knocking on your door when the view to your goals get blurry.

With its excellent powers, it is no less than an adviser that we all wish to have, with its beauty and healing nature it is the best friend that we all desire.

Fill your life with Love, warmth, joy, and happiness with a Semi-Precious Carnelian Gemstone.


Weight20 g
Price Range

US$ 0.59-0.93 per Piece


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