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2mm prehnite round cut
2mm Natural Prehnite Faceted Round Gemstone
3mm black rutile round cut
3mm Natural Black Rutile Faceted Round Gemstone

2mm Natural Black Rutile Faceted Round Gemstone

Gemstone: Black Rutile
Treatment: Natural
Size: 2mm
Shape: Round Gemstone
Type: Faceted
Quality Grade: AAA (excellent)

Price Range: US$ 0.52-0.82 per Piece


Shop – 2mm Black Rutile Round Cut

A bright sunny morning with a spark in its rays and life – 2mm Black Rutile Round Cut


look here, your optimization of living is way yonder like a tedious task. Is there any promise of spring done by the summer to get along with your optimism rays although there is magic in the world,

Ohh! We meant magic is you also you are the world but don’t get mad because you can only pull the stakeout. Chase your rays as you seek for is a Healer to Heal you, and it takes time.

The Dark but bright Gem held as a powerful Gemstone and used to establish the body’s aura and bars psychic attacks. The clear example of the ability to fill the light. The stone is an exceptional utility for jewelry or as a therapeutic space to start the action of the primary forces being in the body.

Rutile Quartz is also used to form refractory ceramic and for the making of titanium metal. As the Black Rutile Quartz is created from Rutile Quartz whose fine powder is used to make paints, food, plastic, and other employment that call for a bright white color.

On the other hand, With the scale of 6 on the Mohs scale, the hardness of the stone matters with the formation of Rutile in it called as a cupid’s dart the gemstone is used to aid sleeping issues.

Likewise, You must have heard of psychic powers, an ability to perceive hidden information and the Black Rutile Quartz in the family of Rutile Quartz is used to enhance your psychic powers when paired with other stones.


Weight20 g
Price Range

US$ 0.52-0.82 per Piece


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