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Welcome to the World of Pink Amethyst –

With an Appearance as delicate as that of a Swan, a Pink Amethyst Gemstone is Beautiful to behold. With an Extravagant Presence and kaleidoscopic appearance, this Gemstone is worth possessing.

The Pink Amethyst is the lighter-colored counterpart of the Purple Amethyst. It is the Delicateness of the Stone that Attracts people to it in the first place. It is only after a while that they feel Invigorated after having felt its Healing Superpowers.

Amethyst, in General, is the Birth Stone for those born in February.


Let me Tell you my about Origin!

pink amethystPink Amethyst is a Fairly new Semi Precious Stone as it was discovered in Patagonia, Argentina only a while ago. It has Hematite inclusions in it and thus, sports a specked and lilac/pink shade.

It is a variation of Quartz. An Amethyst is a Semi-Precious Stone that is renowned for its vivid, purple color. Another rendition of the classic Amethyst is the Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) which is Scientifically-Manipulated by turning its Crystals Green.

The Pink Amethyst is more Natural and has Pink/Lavender hues that result in it being favored more by people. This Gemstone is said to have a Royal and grand look too.

This Pink Beauty has been confused with the rosy shades of the Rose Quartz often but one close look at both will tell you that they are worlds apart. Nevertheless, sometimes, people use both in hopes that their combined energy will transform theirs for the better.

A different version of the Pink Amethyst comes in the form of Beads. These Semi Precious Stone Beads are called ‘Master Healing Crystals’ as they exude the most peaceful and positive energy into the Environment. Keeping them near can have Favorable and Drastic effects on your mind, soul and body.


My Quality and Value –

A Pink Amethyst is soft and gentle yet wields Strength like no other. People are drawn to this Semi-Precious Stone not only for its Aesthetic value but also for the fact that it harbors a sense of happiness, balance and Harmony in their systems.

Since it is A Semi-Precious Stone, it is abundantly available in any Gems store that deals in Precious and Semi Precious Stones.

Another aspect of the Pink Amethyst being so invaluable is that if you are immediately drawn to it, which means that there is something in your own energy field that resonates with its distinct vibration. It’s as if it calls to you because of a reason that will become apparent to you soon enough.

The Quality of the Pink Amethyst can be determined only by Finding out whether it has been manipulated in a Laboratory or if it has occurred Naturally.

If you happen to buy a Natural Pink Amethyst, make sure that you thoroughly cleanse it so that its Original vibration pattern can be preserved.

You should then proceed to place it in the center of the house so that from that vantage point, it can radiate Love and Happiness.


I am a Healer!

The Pink Amethyst has powerful Healing Properties. Even its proximity can have relaxing effects on your overall psyche.

It is known to have such indomitable Healing Powers that it will Cleanse all kinds of bad or neutral energies.

This cleansed energy is then released into the surrounding Atmosphere and those there to Accept it feel reborn and refreshed.

A Pink Amethyst is Unique for the kind of Effects it will have on one Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.

For example, by keeping it near you, you will almost feel like you have bred a sixth sense and will also feel like you know what the future holds for you.

A Pink Amethyst is beneficial to keep nearby as it also supplies one with an applause-worthy emotional balance. This kind of energy will instill feelings of peace and trust in you.

For those Dealing with sadness and/or misery, they can keep a Pink Amethyst closest to them as it enables the opening of the Heart-Chakra in the body which also happens to be the 4th energy center in the body.

The Pink Amethyst then helps people accept and give Love, become more Tolerant toward Affection and learn to be warmer in their demeanor.

It would be important to reiterate that the Pink of the Pink Amethyst resembles the color of the human Heart, however distant and remote the actual shade may be.

One of the other perks of wearing a Pink Amethyst or keeping it under your Pillow is that you will be able to practice lucid dreaming. The next morning, you will also be able to remember what you dreamt about the night before.

A Pink Amethyst that has been kept close to you during the Darkest hours of the Night will result in dreams that are coherent and not gloomy in Nature.

It can be concluded that Pink Amethyst has the power to transform an individual in a myriad, Beautiful Ways.

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