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“Welcome to the World of Green Diamond”

Green DiamondGreen Diamonds are highly desirable and recognized Diamonds. These are very famed for their unique color that is Green. These Diamonds have all the features of a great Diamond. These Diamonds are very natural Diamonds. Its Green color is outputted naturally. This Diamond is much sanctified and its color is very original. They are very rare and valuable color Diamonds.

GIA has categorized its color as a Fancy Vivid Green with natural production. The Natural Green ones are found very rarely and exclusively in nature. These have huge production in India. You can find the Natural Color Diamonds in the museum and exhibitions and jewelry stores as well. The transformation of Green Color’s hue and tone and saturation can bring up high rates of production. The most precious Green ones have a pure Green hue that is called Fancy intense and fancy vivid Diamonds.


Know My Story!

Green DiamondGreen Diamonds are known as Dresden Diamonds which are very natural Diamonds and have 21 carats weight. It was discovered in India before the 1722 session. This Diamond is very interior flawless. The name of Dresden Green Diamonds named on the Dresden that is the capital of the German state of Saxony. Hereinafter, it had published in the New Green Vault and Dresden Castle. It also unfolded in Moscow city Russia for a while. This Diamond is the highly sought natural Diamond among the all fancy color Diamonds.

This Diamond is colored with Green and during this formation, certain structural flaws occurred by radiation unveiling and some complicated flaws included by Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Nickel.

It also had sent to New York on minus. If we talk about current then it is highly produced from South America and Africa. It is well known for its natural color and a pure Green Diamond that is specific and high value.

Green Diamonds are supposed to be derived from the alluvial sediments in every country that produces Diamonds. The larger genesis source or origin space of this Green color is Brazil, Africa, India, Guyana, Venezuela, Zimbabwe countries. These Diamonds are highly derived from India and the most recognized Diamonds are Dresden Green that are derived from the Green DiamondGolconda mines in India. Certain more famed Green Diamonds are like Green-Blue Diamond that is mined in the Central African Republic and Grouse Green is mined in South Africa and the famous Aurora Green that is mined from Brazil. These are highly valued.

Green Diamonds have very historical records. These Diamonds can be seen in the jewelry stores of the USA. it is broadly spread all over the world. This Green Color is found in many intense grades Faint Green, Light Green, Very Light Green, Fancy Green, Fancy Light Green, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep. Many Green ones have their secondary hues that are yellow-Green, yellowish-Green, Brown-Green, Blue-Green, Brownish-Green, Bluish-Green, Gray-Green, Grayish-Green, Gray yellowish-Green, and grayish yellowish Green Diamonds.

The Natural Color of these Diamonds consists of the rocks with the little quantity of uranium and thorium minerals that are found under the earth. Their color improves the cost of the Diamond. These are also found artificially as a fine wrapping of silica mineral to the surface of the polished Gemstone. It allows a nice plausibility to the Diamonds.


My Use & Purity – Green Diamond

Green Diamonds are very useful Diamonds. These are used in the valuable pieces of jewelry that are much expensive. Green Diamonds are used in luxury necklaces, earrings, and rings, etc. Green Diamonds are supposed the symbols of growth, youth and wellness. They are made up of Green hue and Green is the color of spirit and sufficiency and success. It can be used in the proposals. You can include the Green ones in your marriage bands that stands to a newly initiated new life.

The valuable Green Color have a great purity in itself that has medium tone, pure Green hue and energetic saturation. The Green Color is derived in concern of natural beta and gamma radiation that is found very rarely in nature.


I am a Healer!

Green DiamondGreen Diamonds have the power to enhance the abilities of the standard Gemstones. These are supposed to be very powerful and attractive to people. Green ones help to boost up the encouragement of people who wear them. These are very powerful to grow the strength of people. These Diamonds bring out the negative energy of your body.

Green Diamonds grow up the durability of humans. It allows the physical powers to your body and keeps you energetic at all times. It is deemed a sign of truth and warship. These bring out the fear of people and allow protection to them to squabble with the negative energy.

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