Gray Moonstone

gray moonstone

“Welcome to the World of Gray Moonstone”

gray moonstoneGray moonstone is a Stone of perceiving beyond the veil. Gray Moonstone is a powerful Stone assists you in moving into the unseen realms. Gray Moonstone is also known as “New Moon Stone” and carries the mysteries and powers of the New Moon, where all things exist as potential. This Gemstone is a powerful magnifier of intention and can help you bring forth creations from the void.

It is a Gemstone that has decent energy. This Gemstone has a long history and there are various legends about it in many Countries. It was a present for those in power or people with special status. Also, This Stone is used for religious Ceremonies and fortune-telling. This is a Gemstone with the meaning and properties of solving problems correctly. If you want to purify your energy or receive a message from the heavens that this Moonstone is a good Gemstone to have. It is a Gemstone with the power of the goddess, the energy of Love and Healing is condensed in it.


Know my Origin!

gray moonstoneIt has similar properties of White Moonstone, with extra focus on the mystical side of the Stone’s  Attributes. It is also called the “New Moon Stone,” this is the go-to stone for Psychics and shamans and other spiritual practitioners. It occurs in Madagascar, Australia, Myanmar, India, Poland, United States, Sri Lanka, Armenia, and Mexico. During the Art Nouveau period, this Moonstone gained a resurgence in popularity. Many Jewelers all over the US and Europe were beginning to work with Moonstone again.

It was used in Roman Jewelry since the year 100 AD. Ancient Greeks and Romans both connected the Stone with the moon deities. This Gemstone comes from the mineral family feldspar, which is most plentiful in the World, however fine Gem-quality Gray Moonstone is decent and is becoming more decent as time goes on. Gray Moonstone found its way into Jewelry throughout history, but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that the Stone became an iconic and significant focal point. In the prior years preceding the Art Nouveau Era, Gray Moonstone was often used as a small accent Stone.


Let’s talk about my Quality, Use, and Purity!

gray moonstoneIt is a Gemstone that has decent energy. This Gemstone has a long history and there are various legends about it in many Countries. It was a present for power or people with special Status and also, it is used for religious Ceremonies and fortune-telling. Those who want to purify their energy or receive a message from the heavens, it is a Good Stone to have. Gray Moonstone has the quality to help you deal with your feelings smoother. It is used when people tend to take on many kinds of feelings. It helps you release your energy gradually before it explodes. You should use it for an amulet to reduce stress.

It is best known for its Schiller effect, where light reflects off of the two types of feldspar that make this Stone, orthoclase, and albite. These two minerals raise together in alternating layers, and a development named adolescence happens whenever light hits this play of orthoclase and albite. In India, Gray Moonstone was a divine Stone. Gray Moonstone’s powers as a Love Stone made it useful as a traditional wedding gift and were thought to be instrumental in reconciling estranged Lovers.  The Gray Moonstone’s history in India includes the belief that since the beginning of time, a Moonstone had been set into the forehead of India’s moon god, Chandra.

gray moonstoneA good Gray Moonstone should be almost transparent and as free of inclusions as possible. Inclusions considered as potentially interfere with the adolescence. Characteristic inclusions in Gray Moonstone include tiny tension cracks called centipedes. They called us because they resemble those long, thin creatures with many legs. Gray Moonstone might be Shaped into Beads for Strands, but by far the most common cutting style is the Cabochon, a form that displays its phenomenal color or colors to the best advantage.

Moonstone Cabochons are usually Oval, but cutters sometimes offer Cabochons in interesting Shapes, such as the tapered sugar-loaf-an angular Cabochon with a square base. If a Gray Moonstone is cut as a Cabochon, the dimensions should be uniform, and the profile shouldn’t be too flat because flat Cabochons don’t display sheen well and have little value. Faceted Gray Moonstones have become increasingly common. The cut heightens brilliance and tends to hide any inclusions that might be present. Gray Moonstone has been known for Centuries and its unique properties have always held a special fascination.


I am a Healer!

gray moonstoneIt is said to have many intuitive and emotional properties. This Gemstone helps tap into the more gentle qualities of Love and Peace, especially if the person has had to close up their emotions for survival. Gray Moonstone helps bring out an emphatic response, bringing feeling back to those who’ve been numb. Yet Gary Moonstone is protective as well and will open a person up as far as they are able, but not so much that they are overwhelmed. Gray Moonstone naturally helps compassion and tenderness unfold in a healthy way.

This ability to increase empathy makes this Moonstone useful for people in leadership positions, management, and coaches also, to help them stay in touch with the people they need to direct and make decisions for. For people who already feel, this Moonstone can bring up old, old emotions that still need to be worked through. This Stone will assist the calming of fears and the smoothing out of hormonal Mood Swings. This Moonstone is a Stone that brings out the nurturing in feeling.


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