Colored Gemstones

World of Colored Gemstones –

Colored GemstonesIn the darkest corner upon the Hills, lives a young lady all by herself. Often times you could find her sitting alone at her Window Pane with a brush and paint all over her Wrinkled hands. She Paints all kinds of Wonders of the World, Greenery of the trees and the Azure Skies, the Birds and the Sun – Colored Gemstones

But the Sun in her painting is not Golden like we know; its blue like an Ocean and the Sky is pink like a Cotton Candy. If you ask her, why She fills the World on her Canvas with absurd colors she will laugh at you and call you a fool. For you are trapped in the limited possibilities of the World and she isn’t.

She knows that the World is not limited by our Imagination it is in fact diversified by it. Colored Gemstones are the stones of such endless Possibilities and Infinite Beauty. They carry with them the Beautiful shades found in this Pulchritudinous World and fierce Powers along with great Legends.

The Burma Ruby with a passionate Red color, Sapphire with the shade of Morning Hue, Emerald and its green tint as that of a young borne Leaf, are some among the numerous colored Gemstones.

Found in various part of the World Colored Gemstones have become very popular over the Course of years mainly because of the exuberant Beauty and many Powers they hold. These occur Naturally or are Synthetically produced. Burma Ruby is named after the place where it commonly Occurs.

The Light Pink Ruby is found in abundance in Sri Lanka. Sapphires are mined in Australia, Thailand, and Tanzania etc. Humans have Mastered the art of creating replicas of almost all things and Gemstones are no exception. Synthetically they are created in labs possessing the same Physical, Chemical and Optical Structure as the Natural Ones.


Colored Gemstones use –

The chemical properties of Colored Gemstones are Eye-Catching. They have a hardness ranging from 5-10 on Moh’s scale. Colored Gemstones have an extremely rare Occurrence and therefore are very Expensive.  The Refractive index along with double refraction is an identification of Quality.

Hematite has the highest refractive index ranging between 2.9 to 3.5 whereas Opal ranks lowest on this table with a refractive index of just 1.9 and no double refraction. Luster is a Property of Gemstones by which they possess Shine through Light Reflection.

Gemstones reflect Light in different forms and hence, they possess different luster. Topaz has a vitreous luster Like that of glass. The Gemstones such as gypsum with pearly Luster Shine bright like Pearls. Variscite is a Colored Gemstone with a waxy luster.

Their Specialty, as the name suggests, are its Beautiful Shades which along with the excellent luster makes these as desired as the Moon. And just like the moon, the Colored Gemstones have spots too. And just how the spots of the moon add to its Beauty the same way the impurities present in the Colored Stones are the Reason for their buoyant colors.

The green color of Emerald is due to the presence of trace amount of chromium and the Royal Purple color of Sapphire is because of the Presence of iron as an impurity in its Crystal. The Colored Gemstones are often treated to enhance their Beauty.

There are different methods by which Stone is treated to excellent its Quality and Clarity. The Tanzanite, with its dark Blue Color as that of a fierce wolf not afraid of the cold, is heat-treated to remove the underlying brownish tint.

Radiation is another method by which a Colored Stone is treated to step up the Beauty. The Blue Topaz which is Popularly known as the London Topaz is originally White in Color. The shades of Light and Dark Blue are obtained through Irradiation.


I am a Healer –

Colored Gemstones have several Amazing Powers and Legendary Stories Associated with them. It is believed that Possessing these Stones bring higher Spiritual Powers within your Soul and Heals your Heart from all kinds of miseries.

The Green Colored Stones are the Harbinger of Creativity, Prosperity and Wealth. Apatite, Garnet and Prehnite are some of the famous Green Gemstones. Red Gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire and Beryl Represent Passion and Courage.

They Bring Fearlessness and Boldness within the Wearer’s Heart. These Stones are also a Symbol of Love. Blue Colored Stones like Topaz and Blue Sapphire possess the Powerful azureness of the Skies and the Oceans; fill the Soul with Calmness and Peace. They bring youthfulness within the Mind and a sense of inner Spirituality to the Soul.

These Stones are Precious not only in the appearance but also in their Nature.The Colored Gemstones carry with them a message of Life. They teach us that we must not constrain ourselves with limitations. What we should learn is to broaden our Horizon and make the World on our Canvas as limitless as our Imaginations.