Ethiopian Opal Information

ethiopian opal informationEthiopian Opal is a Semi-Precious Gemstone mined in Ethiopia and is crazing the world for its BEAUTIFUL COLOR PLAY or FIRE PLAY. They are being valued for the amount of Color Play they are producing. It is among one of a very delicate gemstone which can loose its fire play when it comes in contact with any liquid or when placed in cold place.

Few years ago in 2008, a new mine named “WELO” was discovered in Ethiopia. These Opals are highly valued for their Bright and Vibrant Colors Fire which can be Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow & Orange. Blue and Green Fire is Valued the most among them.

Ethiopian Opal now has been considered one of the most desired Gem in the World and especially in the United States. It has been in the Most-Demanded Gem in the 21st Century.

It can be distinguished from Australian Opals by leaving them in water for a minute because Ethiopian Opals loose its fire when it comes in contact with any liquid but can be re-gained by putting it under lamp for a few hours or a few days.

It is a very delicate and light weight Gem. The Fire Color Play does not remains the same throughout its life. They are not only Beautiful but costs lower for the same quality in Australian Opal.

After the craze for this Gem hit the market, many manufacturers starting producing them in different color by applying some kind of treatments like smoking or dying.

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