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Birthstones by MonthGemstones define the Beauty of Jewelry – Birthstones by Month

In the January winter hiking I’ll support you by being your Healing supporter; when February will be your Disney land of Love I’ll be your best-mate to support your Love and make it grow; when March would be the end of your financial period I’ll be supporting your financial route; when in April your Wedding anniversary come I’ll be the perfect gift for your partner to express your Love & protection because all we need is someone with whom we can spend ourselves; when you will have a slush of happiness in your way in May, I’ll be there with you in every way; June and July being the Hottest but let me make you cool because a Stone can be a Gem and a Gem can be of use; when the leaves shed you don’t have to shed yourself because I’ll be your water in the August; spend yourself in September and obtain the goal in October because in November you will need a cream to remove the scratches, but I’ll still be there for you to make your life better; Ohh look here comes December Santa and New Year chills will definitely make you go bananas but all you need is a Recharge and Resolution to get go in January again, and I’ll be there for you! Says, Gemstones to the world – Birthstones by Month by Bulk Gemstones


Birthstones by Month  – Every month has, it’s days and says just like that every Month has its Loose Gemstone which makes the going of the mover smooth and gives a sight of peace to the user. Birthday’s are fantastic, right! Cakes, drinks, dates, friends, and other hoolala! A special day for millions of people round the clock and to make that well defined and Astrologically settle every Birth month has its own Gemstones which have its own properties and Healing benefits to the end-user.


As soon as you are Born, you get associated with your Birth Month Gemstone. They are mostly vivid in color, size and properties and also unique depending upon their origin. The general saying of Astrology says that having a Gemstone particularly of your Birth month will make your move more smooth as well as the growth. Twelve Stones with twelve months are like partners since the first century, which in turn give their names to the person getting born in that Month.


As the Curtain Rolls up – Birthstones by Month 

In the tracts of Sand, there was an urban colony named as Gemstoniya aka province of Gemstones. An apartment of 12 floors was very famous for its mystical appearance as well as floors named as months. Find your Month, find your level. Pretty much mystical process right!




Look, every Home has a Gemstone here;


Hey, I am Garnet, and I was born in the 14’th Century as a dark Red Stone. Being Latin majorly I was reaped from “granatum” which means “seed” luckily my likeness gives a sight of pomegranate. Yes, I live on January floor. Well, if you ask me about my hard strength, then it’s of 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale. You can count on me to bring in peace, prosperity and vigorous vitality in your life and home as faith is what we should believe in and guess what I am the “Gem of Faith”.

To Know More About me – Red Garnet.



Taking a few Steps up to February floor,

Hey, I am Amethyst. Yes, a Gorgeous blended Gemstone of purple and red color which makes me Purple Quartz. The part itself is found abundant in the Earth’s crust. Meanwhile, I just gifted myself to my partner as it was our 6’th year of marriage anniversary and planning the same, but more beautifully for our 17’th wedding anniversary.

To Know More About me – Amethyst.



Making our Way up to the March floor,

Hey, We are Aquamarine and Blood-stone, don’t worry we won’t suck your blood, Hahahha! Fortunate people of march be pristine just like a sea because your Birthstone is like a sea; Aquamarine, a word derived from a Latin word Aqua which is often Light in tone but can range from greenish blue to blue-green. What the Stone says is – In ancient period Romans believed that I am supposed to be used as an antidote for poisoning which is a great deed being a Gemstone but guess what you can gift me to a bride as a symbol of Love and unity as well as on your 19’th Wedding Anniversary. With that, I would say that live Life make friends and if any friction arises with your enemies, I got your back!

Wooh Wooh! This Sea Stone is amazing but put your eyes on me as I am the Second Birthstone for those lucky people although I carry blood in the name, but that is just a context not to be taken literally. Just like your biceps have veins this dark-green Gemstone of iron oxide also have visible veins which makes it one of the good looking as well as Good-Quality Gemstone. Some have t-shirt as their lucky charm while some wear Blood-stone as a lucky charm and the universe is fine if you use me as everyday wear. Well, with blood, I didn’t mean to suck your blood but to Heal your blood disorder.

To Know More About us –  Blue Aquamarine | Blood-stone.



Going up is giving a great Kick, and here we are on April Floor,

If you can see, this Shiny Gemstone is rocking! Urrgh! It’s so tough to break, but people shine bright like a Diamond! Blue, Red, Pink, Green and Brown take any color this Gemstone always Shines and holds a great value in the market although April has a day of making April fool of someone. Still, it Shines by associating itself from this Gemstone. What stone has to say – Your wedding is incomplete without me & guess what as long as your bond is, I am as tough as anything in this World. Considering the luster and the polish them do you even have a doubt on it? Admired for centuries and traded since 4 BC, I became a symbol for long-lasting Love & eternal bliss and also a partner in engagement. Beauty which shines looks more sparkling when worn.

To Know More About me – Diamond.



Going on our Way in May floor,

Make way for May because Spring is its Heart and Birthdays in may go right in the Heart. Welcome the rebirth master of the month as Emerald a Precious Gemstone is believed to cede the owner with prosperity, youth, good fortune and foresight. The green color of the Gemstone will always make you go in Life, but the catch is, the deeper the color is, the higher is its value.

To Know More About me – Zambian Emerald.



As the Temperature Starts to Rise with the floor, we got Ourselves Tuned in June,

A month of vacations and the start of summer is associated with 3 birthstones – Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone. Being a living creature in the World, this Gemstone is also made by the living creatures as mollusk produces the Pearl. The calcium carbonate Gemstone also appears in green, blue, dyed yellow, brown, purple, pink or black, although black pearl is very rare.


A modern Gemstone is what this modern public desires as it is discovered in Russian Emerald mines and is named to honor Russian Czar Alexander. Yes, the Gemstone of chameleon-like color; Alexandrite which is described as “Emerald by day, Ruby by night” can change color in daylight from bluish-green to purple-red under beaming light. By en-kindling the mind, it also aids creativity and concentration.

As June babies are the moon and for that moon, the month has a Moonstone; a stone of milky glow just like moonlight on water. The Gemstone is relatively low in hardness on the Mohs scale (6). However, still, utmost care is needed to be taken with its Jewelry or Bracelets.

To Know More About us – Pearl, Alexandrite & Rainbow Moonstone.



Siping a Juice on July floor,

A month of peak summer where the sun shines bright orangish-yellow the month enjoys the Red as Ruby, one of the luring Gemstone is associated with the month which measures 9 on Mohs scale. However, Diamond still holds the position in hardness. Energy amplifying, Life force and vitality of blood is the bequest for the Ruby user, but it heights courage, property, and Love.

To Know More About me – Burma Ruby.



And the Water is pure Life August floor,

The month of flush and Shine as the Lime Gemstone makes a way in waters of August; Peridot, derived from the Arabic faridat aka, “Gem”. The Gemstone is as rare as its quality as it is known as “The Evening Emerald” because of its gleaming green tint. With the hardness of 6.5-7, the Gemstone is apt to cracking during cutting.

Zebra crossing is meant to make you safe on a Busy road just like that this Gemstone layered like a zebra strip in reddish color with white bands; Sardonyx a Gemstone combined with alternating layers of sard (where the Red Stone is found) and Onyx ( a greek word which means “nail or claw”). Being relatively inexpensive Gemstone sardonyx is used as a Gemstone for protection & strength but is also associated with cheerfulness, spirit and clear communication.

Spin with Spinel as the Gemstone is at times taken as Ruby or Pink Sapphire due to its similarity. The striking fact just like the Gemstone is – the most Recognized Rubies turned out to be Spinel. The Gemstone as desirable as its red color but bright pink, cobalt blue, and bright orange also follow.

To Know More About us – Sardonyx, Black Spinel & Peridot.



Step up on the Richness of September floor,

Fancy is what is month keeps with it as the Rich blue color Gemstone is its date. Generally, it can be of any color. Still, blue is fancy also Pink Sapphires drafts a fine line between Ruby and Sapphire. Being second to the Diamond, the hardness is of 9 on Mohs scale and symbolizes loyalty, integrity, sincerity, and nobility. Not only a Gemstone of high value, but Sapphire also brings focus to mind, self-discipline, and challenges higher powers.

To Know More About me – Blue Sapphire.



Going up with a Beer in October floor – Birthstones by Month

Seeing a Rainbow is a bliss to eyes for an instance just like that having a Gemstone which changes color is the richness in itself as the month is associated with -Opal Gemstone; a kaleidoscopic Gemstone which stimulates tone as well as Tourmaline; a Gemstone which have a broad spectrum of colors and known as a Stone of mixed colors. Where Opal is taken as a Gemstone for good luck and is a popular choice in the users, Tourmaline (Black Tourmaline) is used to protect against evil forces and negative energy but is also used to curb out negative thoughts and toxins.

To Know More About us – Ethiopian Opal & Multi Tourmaline.



November Blooms and Sun – Birthstones by Month

A Gemstone derived from the red sea but appears to be Yellow; Topaz measuring 8 on the Mohs scale and one of the hard & durable Gemstone. The cleavage of this Gemstone makes it prone to chipping or cracking.

Accompanying Topaz a Gemstone resembling the sweetness of honey and paleness of yellow; Citrine which resembles Topaz. Wear and tear, but a durable Gemstone makes an excellent choice for everyday wearable jewelry.

To Know More About us – London Blue Topaz & Citrine.



Chills in every Member as it is December floor, having old but the Finest Mined!

Nips of December gives a mist sight and just like that this zoisite of exquisite Blue-Purple Gemstone- Tanzanite is associated with the month. Being a Gemstone named after its origin country Tanzania. Founded in 1967, Tanzanite is treasured by non-December borns as well because of its deep blue color. Still, the Gemstone is not as hard as Sapphire but substitutes it. A Beautiful but dainty Gemstone of the month.

Apart from Tanzania, the month is also governed by a Persian Gemstone named as “Zircon”; sounds pretty much like dish, isn’t it? Although not be eaten, but the Gemstone is gold-colored although it is its gleaming color with blue in the account as well. Being a shivery Gemstone, its faceted frames can chip as it is one of the oldest minerals on Earth.

While Tanzania and Persia gave their old and most exceptionally mined Gemstone here again Persia gave its distinct colored Gemstone names as – Turquoise; aged since 13’th century a sensitive Gemstone which is prone to solvents like perfume, natural oils and makeup also sunlight as well. Gemstone craved by talisman is highly regarded for its eye warming color and timeless history as ancient Egyptians used the Gemstone as a mark for conferring of sovereignty, safeguard against falls to ceremonial masks.

To Know More About us – Tanzanite, Zircon & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

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