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We believe Gemstones are the connection to Jewelry, like Graffiti on the Wall – Bulk Gemstones

Bulk Gemstones by The Jewel Creation is a Wholesaler, Manufacturer & Supplier from Jaipur, India.

Diamond is the most Precious and expensive stone, but it is being said that a stone other than Diamond can give you the Flaw and Flora of Beauty and Luxury.

A stone is just a stone if not appropriately crafted, A rock becomes a Gemstone when the texture, look, feel of it makes the Jewelry more enticing. Didn’t it feel so incredible that holding an Emerald which shines a billion beautiful miracles painted with the qualities of healing your tears…

No, we are not talking here about just Emeralds but…

bulk gemstones wholesaleHave you heard a peacock sing in the rain, it sounds to mystical and magical right? The Gemstones are the rain for the peacock. Don’t hold yourself to it, Just make it glow though Diamond shines but it is not the only Gem which will soothe.

Ohh! Wow these Gemstones are adorable. It will make the pendant look amazing and Glazing Rings, Jewelry as well as not to be excluded.

The fact that there are all little Gems around us which carry glitters, the inspiration which we tend to sprinkle in our choice music to get the tone of our life just like those Gems in the diamond field, Precious or Semi-Precious can be used and owned to elaborate the structure of Diamond-Patriarchy.


bulk gemstonesAbout the Shapes – Bulk Gemstones

These Semi-Precious and Precious stone are light in weight though, but we need to Bulk them, Bulk as in Bulk Gemstones so that it can be crafted and cut according to the desired size, color and shape. By shape we meant, you don’t want to go crazy like the ball as the round shaped Gemstone will get fit to your ring gorgeously meanwhile, hold your another Gem softly as it is ideal like face shape, Yes the Oval-Shaped Gemstones. Just like a body with a well-defined waist is called a Pear-Shaped body, Loose Gemstones with a well-defined or we can say a brilliant cut which draws the eyes downwards, Yes, Pear Shaped Gemstone.

You do wonder and feel content leaning on fluffy cushions, and thou recently got a compliment for new cushions and its shape but Hey! Ever wondered if you have a Gemstone of ideal way which reflects an excellent dispersion of light and glimmers just like your fluffy cushion that disperses your tiredness…

Ohh! You don’t want to let go of the attraction for that as well then a Cushion-Shaped Gemstone is worth every praise. We are all closed in the equal boundaries of some square of a rainbow, make it perfect so as these graceful Gemstones in a square of shine with a touch of grace in its shape.

bulk gemstones wholesaleHyaline luster with transparent dispersion makes the stone brilliant, and the truncated corners make it look, twin, Yes Octagon is the shape that has facets running identical to its cinch both above and below. You do want the eyes to get drawn on the Gemstone’s color and cut you are wearing.

Fashion-conscious brides are distinctive so as the shape cut of a Gemstone as loyalty, faith and devotion is what we endeavor with a pleasant look and feel. Like boat is shaped to show confidence, style, and independence and a Gemstone are formed in much of a Marquise or navette way which let you fancy your Gem and make it look larger.


wholesale loose gemstonesNow that quite fascinating to lure your way to get those fantastic Bulk Gemstones in your stack.

We don’t want you to curse us for not letting you know a quick tip for the same.

Genuineness of Gemstones are sometimes confronted in the market, but we at Bulk Gemstones have got your back, a firm handhold with a secure grip on your purchase.


  • Get yourself accompany with 4c’s – Color, Cut, Carat, and Lucidity.
  • Don’t let anyone put you in the trick of their shade of treatment and upgrades.
  • You see that eye-catchy Gemstone, it does look stunning, isn’t it? But, it might be fake… Shocked? You need to pay understandable inclination to fakes.
  • Ask them about the Gem which really seems to be a Gem.

bulk gemstones wholesaleGetting Gemstones in Bulk will undoubtedly make you and your efforts much lighter while you’re pocket affordable and come on you get less time in shopping but more time to craft them means more designs and trade. Quite luring to shop from a massive collection of Semi Precious & Precious Gemstones in Bulk to get your Gemstone closet upgraded and your cut business sharp.

bulk gemstones wholesaleEnvision being in a Land where there is nothing reliable, no source, no spaceships, no glitters, no spacing, and no nothing well, we are not talking about a Desert but can be taken as a new galaxy but are we on a Star-wars Ship is it Thanos wearing that gauntlet. You must have noticed that Gold plated strong nig hands with Stones on it which makes him more potent that he finishes off the World. We won’t recite the Story here because this is not a Page 3 blog. Still, all the Stars do wear a tremendously shinning Gem forget about that shinning Snapchat filter which doesn’t count in Shining but yeah what here is to focus is their Jewelry Shines more than their week collections. Those also have some renowned Stones on it not pebbles actually but a polished Gem – Interesting Fact About Gemstones

bulk gemstones wholesaleYou must be wondering why in the World we are telling you that because that’s all available on the internet and Buzz-feed, but this is “Bulkgemfeed”. Its a fact that we won’t tell you those page 3 charades but what we talk is more valuable more “”Gemie””. Coming back to that ship with Thanos those Gems exhibit some exceptional and intense powers which can be said like – “they are actually made for it”. It’s a fact that every flower has one for the other interesting fact about it just like a tinder bio of any other guy, LOL! (the subject is situated to market trust swiping).

bulk gemstones wholesaleGet back here, if you have started to find a Gem, you know things are really Gorgeous around, and General thinking says that – the World is Pleasant, The Sky is blue, the Ocean is the mirror to it blue or grey you say. So its a Train on your dinner table serving food and you got some tasty fries on the plate, but you Know the sauce you lick was sold as a medicine in the 1800s pre-era of Pikachu. (that’s actually a fact in the World, but we didn’t spoil your ketchup taste).

bulk gemstones wholesaleSimilarly, Gemstone World is another dimension in itself which is definitely Gorgeous, expensive, loaded with Powers (Healing), Workful for your situations and hey! You get some really amazing designs out there to flaunt in among your kitties and group. The exciting thing is this Natural Beauty is luring, and everyone wants it in their closet actually, like Rings, Bracelets, Pendants. Make anything creative with it they will have their hands on it. So, that’s the Power of a Gemstone and ability to Stand out which makes one of an Interesting Fact about it. We tend to throw away old stuff in the trash like it was never there before but do we throw this ancient era’s legacy. No, right because a Gem is Precious when it is old, and it makes your Jewelry look Precious when you have it on.

bulk gemstones wholesaleIt’s not you but it’s them; yes, ancient people have a deep indulged Love for the Gemstones and their Healing powers also as a gifting courtesy. People nowadays elaborate their interest in them not only on the basis of their luxurious look but also based on their astrological influences.

Let us take to Egypt where Green Gemstones were favorite and valuable among ancient Egyptians which brings Peridot and Emerald, and the interesting fact about this is they usually get confused between both the Stones. Queen Cleopatra, an Egyptian Queen, was inclined towards Peridot but can’t take her favorable side away from emerald as well although Peridot was the winner in her list.

bulk gemstones wholesaleWho doesn’t Love eating a pomegranate, good in Taste, great for blood but you can’t wear them so, here came Garnets a define look-alike of pomegranate (not to be eaten but to be worn). Well, an Interesting Fact about this Blood-Red colored Gemstone is “It is said to represent Life, Death and Rebirth; give it to your dead ex and see she will be reborn. That’s a playful application of it; No, let her stay dead.

Once diamond said to Opal that I can cut every sharp object I am that hard, hearing this amber broke up with the Diamond as the Gem is the softest of all Gemstones. Guess what Opal got a thug Life and said I have always been surrounded by ladies bruh! They use me to protect their blondness of hair. It’s good that you were not there or else they will be bald from being blonde, and Diamond went to Elizabeth.

Here came a twist when it was found that the largest Diamond was found in united states and is named as Uncle Sam Diamond, what? Is this a new edition in the burger menu or a Diamond for real. The Fact is the Diamond is real, not a burger menu.

It was the birthday of a cultured pearl after 3 years hence this could be the slowest birth of all but guess Star of Asia one of the largest sapphires just made its presence over there straight away from Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Here not only zebra’s who have strips by birth, but a Gemstone is nailing in the looks as it got some handsome strips by nature giving it a banded appeal well, it is – Agate. Your life may not be full of colors, you might not like a Rainbow, but there is a Gemstone which is the most colorful and also called a Rainbow Gem. It is Tourmaline which came in every color (such a rangeen Gemstone).

We assumed that it might be your 5’th or 11’th year anniversary. Oops! No hard feelings for singles out there but the interesting fact is a gemstone best suited for your 5’th & 11’th year anniversary is – Turquoise a graciously Gorgeous wedding anniversary Gemstone. Indians dive in beliefs, they eat them in their breakfast, lunch and dinner and which gave birth to Moonstone; a Gem for good fortune and success in India. Are you getting one for yourself?

We are surrounded by blue everywhere, and we don’t have enough of it, but there is a Loose Gemstones which is rare actually a rare blue/violet gemstone; Tanzanite and the interesting fact about this Gemstone is that it is only found in one location – Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania ( Yes, its a home country stone).

It’s an un-debatable Fact that Diamonds are Kardashians of Gemstones, and they also have varied colors which are rare, and this calls for the most extraordinary colored Diamond aka- “Red Diamond” found in Brazil, Africa & Australia. The interesting fact about it is only 20-30 pieces have been found of it, isn’t that great; world been full of gems and we tend to look for it in each other’s face.

Did we forget the Gem “Ruby” which is a symbol of life and love, so if anyone says that get a Life then you must get a Ruby of Red color which is one of the most fascinating in the collection! Gemstones have in-depth down Facts and secrets like Lapiz Lazuli when crushed into its powdered form was used as an eye-shadow – Interesting Fact About Gemstones

Semi-Precious Stone or Gemstone, as they are commonly called, are Mineral Crystals which, when cut and properly polished are used for Various Purposes such as Jewelry and other Precious Ornamental. Sometimes other Organic material and Rocks are also Categorized as a Semi-Precious Gemstone.

Semi-Precious Gemstone are hard Stones having luster. They are usually Aesthetically pleasing, the reason for their High Demands. Gemstones or Semi-Precious Gemstones are said to carry various magical and Healing Powers with them. Some of the Gemstones even possess higher Spiritual Powers hence making them more Valuable.

There is a very slight Distinction between Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones. In today’s time Diamonds, Ruby and Emeralds are considered as the Precious Stone which is more valuable than Gemstones which comprises of other remaining Stones.

As the name Suggests, Precious Gemstones are treasured Gemstones with rare occurrences. Diamonds, Ruby and Emerald are considered as one of the top Precious Gemstones. These, just like semi-Precious Gemstones, are referred to as Gemstones. Precious Gemstone and Semi-Precious Gemstone have many similarities, the only differences between them is that of the Rarity.

Precious Gemstones are mineral Crystals with a highly rare occurrence. These are cut and polished to use as jewelry and other ornamental and pieces of art. Precious Gemstones are of great value because of their impeccable Beauty, Crystalline shine like that of the stars and their great magical powers.

These Stones have existed over Centuries. Precious Gemstones carry with them their legendary stories and myths. Precious Gemstones are the hardest Gemstones and range from 8.5 to 9.8 on the Mohs scale. Their refractive index lies between 1.6 – 1.8. Precious Gemstones are highly valued and desired because of their high clarity and luster. Precious Gemstones have vitreous glass-like luster.

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